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"Tracy" came to us with a young son.  She had been working in home healthcare, but since she was undereducated, she was locked into working very long hours, at a low hourly wage, with little hope of increasing in pay or transitioning to salary.  While she was making her monthly expenses, she was reliant on government assistance and so close to her basic budget that she was unable to save.  This is very articulately described as "one flat tire from homeless.”  As you may have guessed, her 'flat tire' came, with medical issues. This led to losing her job, high medical expenses, continued childcare needs and then losing her apartment.  Eventually, after hopping couches and a stay at a shelter, she found her way to Shiloh Place. 

She was able to have housing and childcare, provided by Shiloh Place.

Once at Shiloh, Tracy was able to take a breath and get back on track.  She worked with our Case Manager to determine the best way to advance in her career and the training she needed to achieve it.  She was able to have housing and childcare, provided by Shiloh Place.  This allowed her to learn how to budget and save with her income, instead of just barely paying bills as they came in.  She was also able to take classes in parenting, budgeting, forgiveness and boundaries, in order to become better equipped to be the mother that she is called to be. 

The gift from Outrun Homelessness directly impacted Tracy.  With the proceeds from the run, for Tracy we were able to pay for:

  • the tuition to complete her Certified Medical Assistant training
  • her testing and certifications
  • her internship
  • all uniforms, books, materials and equipment
  • all of the childcare for Tracy's son while she was at school, work and completing her internship

The total for all of Tracy's expenses: $7440.  The gift from Outrun Homelessness: $7792.  This was an amazing and life changing gift. Tracy finished her internship, has a new full-time job, and is preparing to move out on her own!


Eppy Thern
Executive Director
Shiloh Place